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If you ever when have traveled for the cold Northern Europe in winter, then you should have impression towards the Canada Goose down jacket. Then why do the Antarctic adventurer, professional employees and crucial examination of europeans and Americans all like this sort of down jacket? Canada Goose down jacket is a major brand that's well-known all over the world. Because of its good quality and high technological style. Canada Goose down jacket have good heat preservation function below the circumstance of severe cold. It not just provides comfort to wearer, but in addition can guarantee to supply way more warm in the cold winter. The brand would be the important protective clothing for the Antarctic explorer. In the identical time, Canada Goose could be the specified brand in the Antarctic expedition, which can be organized by national science foundation. The surface material of down jacket is processed by protective agent, that is created by Du Pont Business. The process mekes the clothes has functions of prevention stain and lasting the new.